Snigdha Soumya

Snigdha Soumya! A girl from from Odisha and a Software Engineer by profession has made a grand entry to the Pageant world by being a finalist of India’s most prestigious online pageant competition India’s Miss TGPC season 8.

She is one of the 40 finalists who were selected from more than 2200 applicants from all over world and is the only girl from Odisha in the season 8 of this competition.

Our team had a small interview with Miss Snigdha. Interview went as mentioned below:

Shutteractions: You are engineer by profession,why change the field?

Snigdha:  I always wanted to go for pageant as representing India to the world was my dream. I was a bright student. So, my parents wanted me to be an engineer. I fulfilled their dreams and now it’s time for me to live my dreams.

Shutteractions: What will you say to a young girl from your State Odisha?

Snigdha: Odisha is full of talented girls and boys. I would suggest them to choose their path and work on it . Nothing is impossible and it is never too late to go for your dreams. Give your best all the time, do not loose hope even if you are failing . Just Keep working.

Shutteractions: We know that you are associated with RHA (RobinHood Army), tell us more about it and your experience working with them?

Snigdha: RHA is very close to my heart. As I stated working with RHA; I realized that how talented those kids are and through food you can actually reach people, connect with them even if you do not know their language.

Shutteractions: How is your experience with TGPC till now?

Snigdha: I am glad that I get connected to TGPG. I have learnt a lot during this competition as they mentor you in each and every step. I remember when I had posted my 1st QOTD video after 40 takes, but now I need maximum 2 or 3 takes for a video. This is an example of how the competition has transformed me and given me confidence.

Miss Snigdha has already started making buzz in Odia news world and KalingaTV which is a prominent Odia news channel has conducted an interview with her.

You can view the interview on YouTube below:

We thank Miss Snigdha for her time and wish her all the best for the competition and future.

You can follow Snigdha on Instagram by going to her profile: Snigdha.Soumya