Fashion : What actually is Fashion?

Fashion is a big word to be defined in one sentence or paragraph. Fashion encompasses presenting self to the world and most importantly to yourself. As Shakespeare wrote, “The fashion wears out more apparel than the man.” 

Let start with the basics. Fashion consist of many things like what we wear, how we talk, how we walk and moreover how we live.

In this context, let’s separate fashion in following categories:

  1. Cloths
  2. Foot wears
  3. Jewelry
  4. Hair and make up
  5. Walk and Talk
  6. Lively hood

Obviously, I will explain all of the above categories in detail but before that, ask a question to yourself, what makes you different than others?”. I WILL COME BACK TO YOU AT THE END with an important point.

Now, categories spot time:


Many people think that fashion is to wear nice clothes. No, it is not that way. It is wearing a normal outfit and carrying it in your own way. My fashion statement is Confidence and Comfort. Even if you are wearing nothing, never remove your confidence and comfort. What do you think? If you have your own fashion statement, please mention it in the comment section.

Types of clothes/ outfits:

1. Traditional

2. Business

3. Beach

4. Formal

5. Casual


There is a saying that ‘Footwear reflects your personality’. Well, it’s true. I personally take a lot of care of my footwear. Amazingly and unexpectedly footwear can change your entire look. Footwear plays a major role in your fashion statement. N.B- Your footwear has to be super comfortable or else it may create a fashion disaster.

Types of footwears:

1. Shoes

2. Heels

3. Flats

There are hell lot of sub-types of footwears for the categories mentioned above. We will discuss later as per your requirements.


Jewelleries are in fashion in one form or other since humans came to this planet. Our ancestors used flowers, leaves, shells, stones and many other things as jewellery in order to enhance their appearance.

A perfect set of jewelry can enhance your fashion statement. You can change the type of fashion just by selecting a perfect set. Be it nude look or celebration, a set of jewelry can make you stand out in the crowd.

The best thing about jewelries are that you can repeat them. They will make you look different at different times, for example If you use traditional jewelry on classic outfits, it will look Indo-classic. Likewise, you can experiment with jewelries in almost all type of outfits.

Let’s see different types of Jewelleries:

1.Hair and head jewels

2.Neck Jewel

3.Arm Jewel

4.Hand Jewel

5.Body Jewel

6.Feet Jewel

There are many other types of Jewelleries as well, in ancient times, there used to be more than 16 type of ornaments. If need more details about jewelleries, please let me know in the comment section.


Some years before, Hair and make-up was considered as famine fashion statement. But now people are understanding the importance of Hair and make-up for both Men and Women. I am glad to tell you all that now men are more concerned about styling their hair and make-up than women. There is nothing wrong in that. As there are differences in male and female outfits, hair and make-up styles are also different.

However, if you want to know more in detail, please let me know in the comment section.


Let your walk be the talk’. Your walk reflects more than 80% of your character. That’s why in the interviews, your marking starts when you enter the room and ends when you exit.

Your confidence, your passion, your practice and many other things can easily be judged by the way you walk.                                                                        

Walk types:

1.Grace, poise walk- Traditional outfits

2.Strong walk- Business and formal outfits

3.Happy walk- Beach and causal outfits

4. Queen walk- celebration like night gown outfits


Talk less and listen more’. This can be termed as the Golden rule that everyone should follow in order to become a great communicator.  It will leave an impact on the opposite person for a long time. How good your cloths are, how great you look; it will all be worthless if you cannot support it with the way you talk to someone.

Here are some golden points to improve your communication:

1. Listen

2. Don’t be judgement

3. Be empathetic

4. Take your time

5. Focus on non-verbal cues

6. Ask right question

7. Be yourself

8. Be well informed and knowledgeable

9. Learn from each interaction

10. Step out from comfort zone

11. Don’t talk to impress

If you want me to explain these points in detail, then please let me know in the comment section.


A person’s livelihood refers to their ‘means of securing the basic necessities of life’. Livelihood is defined as a set of activities essential to everyday life that are conducted over one’s live span. Such activities include securing water, food, medicine, shelter, clothing etc.

Now, question is how is it related to fashion?

As I am always saying ‘Be yourself’. If you remember my first question of this blog, I have asked you, what makes you different than others? HAVE YOU ALL THOUGHT? If yes.

Then, your answer is your fashion statement.

If you want to stand out in crowd. It is already there in you. Whatever is your lively hood, you should always be proud and always reflect in your personality which will help you in standing out in crowd.

Some people think that expensive and designer clothes are fashion, they can’t be more wrong. You can create your own fashion statement in less money as well, all you need is a little idea about the place where you can get cost effective apparels and how can you present yourself.

Look around your city/village/town market and spot some places to buy cost effective fashionable wearing.

Fashion can never be defined by a single person; it differs from person to person.

Be it fashion or life, you will stand out in crowd if you chose to be yourself and always wear what you want, without thinking of society, body shaming or whatever skin tone you have. You are beautiful just as you are born.

Fashion is other name of confidence and comfort. Whatever your wear, wear as you were born in it.

If you have questions, suggestions or doubt, please feel free to comment below.

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8 thoughts on “Fashion : What actually is Fashion?

  1. Hi!
    This was a great article.
    It gives a great insight into what the fashion is and how to embody it as a whole in ones personality.
    May I ask you about how you choose a topic to write an article about?


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